The Best Fishing Rods
(according to me!)

There are many of us who love fishing; for some it is a source of income & meal, while for others it is a past time favourite, done for purely recreational purposes. If it is that you love fishing and actually want to get the best experience from fish, then you must know that there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration. One of the main things that you should take into consideration is to ensure that you have the proper fishing gear. I know,I say this in just about all my articles and blog posts - lol. Fishing gear that is critical to having an enjoyable fishing experience is actually a fishing rod; in fact this is probably one of the most important pieces of gear that you should ensure it is in the right order - or a reel. (debatable)

Truth be told, there are a lot of fishing rods that are available on the market. In fact a lot of the manufacturers will lay claim that they are the manufacturers of the best fishing to give you the ultimate fishing experience. However, how many times have we heard stories of people who are left vividly disappointed by a purchase that they have made complaining that the rod does not do what the manufacturers say or that the rod was not what was expected. As an avid fisher, I am here to help guide you in choosing the best fishing rod to suit your style, budget and taste.

So what are the best fishing rods around?

#1 - My recommended choice...

Our rating, Our #1 pick!

This is definitely one of the best fishing rods around! People who buy this rod buy quality, people who are thinking of buying this rod, know that they will be buying quality. Whilst being a very versatile rod, the is also a combination of durability and strength and surely represents value for your money. In fact the performance of this rod as one of the best fishing rods available defies the ‘ugly’ as stated in the name as this performance of this rod is nothing short of beautiful and spectacular. The manufacturers have done well in even upgrading the features without compromising on the traditional feel and look, thus taking this proven performer even further away from its competitor.

​Features of this rod include:

  • Having extra strength
  • Look and feel
  • Price
  • Medium heavy power rod that spins

It is very sensitive to even the slightest of strike, which are all really great attributes to have, of you are to say this is one of the best fishing rods available. The price on the this rod as one of the best fishing rods available makes it a bargain.

4.5/5 Stars

#2 - Rod and Reel Combo

Our rating, Our #2 pick!

One of the best fishing rods around, you will be wonderfully surprised as to how lightweight this rod actually is. In fact I would describe this rod as having a perfect balance between being lightweight and having a very solid design. Such is the versatility of this rod that it is well loved by beginners and experts alike. With this rod you do not have to worry about the rod snapping or your catch getting away as it is capable of handling small fishes as well as large fishes, and no matter the size, it is you who will have control over your catch thus giving you assurance. This rod is a fairly medium priced fishing rod and I reiterate my stance that it is one of the best fishing rods available and that price makes it a real bargain as the performance of this rod is just unbelievable.

Some of the features that come with this piece of jewel include; an eight ball bearing thus ensuring smoothness, having corrosion resistance as well as anti-bearing reverse, an oversized main gear, and the general control that the technology put into the rod by the manufacturers allow you to have. This rod is definitely worth having!

4/5 Stars

#3 - Another Rod and reel combo

Our rating, Our #3 pick!

The popularity of this rod is enormous! In my opinion many people gravitate towards this rod because of the really high performing standard in comparison to the really low price that it is being sold at. With this you get a fusion of the solid graphite rod that where the action is medium and a spinning reel thus giving you a really great fishing experience. Additionally, the durability and sturdiness of this fishing rod will serve you in the long run as this rod can be used for years without losing its performance intricate. What I think a lot of people admire about this rod is that whilst it can handle those fairly big tests the rod shows that it is one of the best fishing rods as it is also really sensitive enough to sense those smaller bites.

Some of the features of this rod include; reel that is ultra smooth, having a really fast speed retrieve, as well as its composite body that as I mentioned is made of graphite. Additionally it has 1 roller bearing drive, a couple of ball bearing, as well as infinite anti-reverse, Having an ABS aluminum spool that is front drag, having a hook keeper amongst many other really cool features. I must highlight the fact that the front drag gives a really great fighting experience with those fishes that you are pulling in. I would also say that this fishing rod is one of the best that a beginner could buy as it is really easy to use and the price makes this rod an absolute bargain especially if you are not sure if you want to consider doing fishing for a long time. So with price and performance, this is safely and by a long way one the best fishing rods available on the market. Being one of the best rods around for the price.

3.5/5 Stars

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Hi, my name is Rob and I'm a married man, father of one beautiful girl and I love spending my time fishing and trying out new fishing gear. I hope you enjoy my honest reviews and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.


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