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Do you pride yourself on being on the waters in a kayak whilst fishing? Are you new to fishing on waters and is looking for a kayak to get you on your way? Well if yes is the answer to both of those questions, then this may very well be just the article for you. Buying a kayak for fishing can be a really difficult and time consuming task, as you first have to consider numerous things; hence it is a decision that cannot be rushed. The things that you will have to consider include;

  • Your specific price range and budget for the kayak that you are looking to buy
  • The model and size of the kayak that best fits your intended purpose
  • Importantly if you have a fishing partner, then choosing a kayak that you will both appreciate is a must as this is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience
  • You will also have to take into consideration the amount of seating that comes in the kayak, as things might change, so you may never know
  • Where you plan to kayak and how you plan to kayak in terms of fishing and paddling as well

Well without much further ado; let me get straight into the meat of the matter. After careful researching and analysis, I have come up with a list (whilst not comprehensive), of the best kayaks that are available on the market. This guide will definitely give you an insight into choosing the best kayak to suit your fishing experience.

#1 - Lifetime Sport Fisher Single or Tandem Kayak

While many manufacturers claim to be the inventor of the best kayak to but for having an enjoyable fishing experience, let me state that in my mind, the manufacturers of the Lifestime Sport Fisher definitely wins the race by nautical miles. This is the best kayak available in my mind. The price is an absolute bargain; it is worth it as it gives a total fishing experience. This kayak has the capacity to hold up to 3 persons, is fairly sturdy and durable thus representing a good investment for your money, comes with features such as rod holders, 2 back seats, hatch as well as 2 paddles. On the other hand however, there is no cushion for the seat, it does not keep all the water out and it is quite slow, given its weight and width.

  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Weight: 6o lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Price: $627.99
  • No front seat cushion
  • Takes on water easy

4.5/5 Stars

#2 - Sun Dolphin Aruba sit-in Kayak, 10-Feet

I have decided to include the kayak as one of the best as, I do think it is the best kayak for you if it is that you are operating on a budget. This kayak is also pretty good if it is that you are bent on having some family time and fun on the water. Built durably and sturdy the fact that this kayak will last you long for such an amazing price makes worth getting it even more attractive. This kayak comes with features such as a great combination of turning and tracking thanks to the unique design of the hull of the kayak. Additionally, it comes with carry handles, adjustable braces for your feet, space convenient enough to store your gears, adjustable seat that has high support for your back, as well as it is a lightweight and versatile kayak.

  • Length: 116 inches
  • Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • High back support
  • Price: $392.14
  • More of a family kayak than fishing

4/5 Stars

Advanced Elements AE1007-R

There are those of us who like kayaking, but may have a problem in transporting them. Not one is the kayak one of the best, but in terms of portability and convenience there is none quite like it. This inflatable beauty is easily transported and is easy to store as well thus being perfect for those of u who are cramped for space. Its general kayaking and ability to give you an enjoyable fishing experience is also quite extraordinary. Additionally, you do not have to worry about this kayak being punctured as it comes with three different layers of designed to be super puncture resistant, thus representing a good investment for your money as well.

Additionally, this kayak comes with aluminum ribs that are built in and these line the stern and bow of the kayak thus giving you remarkable tracking and turning as well. The kayak also comes with a comfortable seating system designed to give you hours of paddling as it has a high support is padded and is also adjustable. In addition, the seating has three different locations that give you the option of paddling by yourself or with others. The kayak’s price is a bargain in my opinion as for the convenience and quality on offer; you are definitely getting value for your money.

  • Length: 5 feet
  • Maximum Capacity: 550 lbs.
  • Price: $669
  • Price

3.5/5 Stars

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