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For many of us fishing is a favourite pastime, whilst for others fishing is a form of livelihood; whatever your reasons are for taking to the waters to fish, there are certain tools that are very important for a fisherman to have in his possession. These tools serve a wide variety of purpose, from being for safety and lifesaving purposes to just ensuring that you catch a lot of fish thus have a successful fishing outing. The things a fisherman take on the waters with him are kept in what is known as a tackle box; below is a list of the things that every fisherman should have when he sets out to go fishing.

Extra Hooks

A fisherman must have extra hooks for the simplest of reason; they might lose the one that they originally started out with. However, it is important as a fisherman that you actually put a lot of different variety of hooks in your tackle box. This will allow you to better take on the particular fish that may frequent your fishing spot on any given day in particular. Additionally, carrying different sizes of hooks will also help you in case you encounter nigger size fishes.

Extra Line

This is also a must have tool to have for any fisherman. There is a high likelihood that your line will snap at some point during your fishing adventure. There are many reasons as to why this can occur, however, the main reasons normally stem from either trying to reel in a big heavy test or your line just getting tangled up; one way or another you will need to replace ir or end that particular fishing trip. Additionally, the line that you will use depends on the type of fish are hoping to catch and where you will be doing your fishing.

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This is also an important tool to have if you are a fisherman. These are otherwise called floaters and are particularly useful in letting you know when your line is being bitten by a fish; this will give you a clear indication that you should begin reeling in your catch. Additionally, these actually come in a wide variety of choices and each is dependent of your specific fishing circumstance. For example, if you want to cast your line really deep into the water, then a round bobber would not be the best option for you; this is where you would use a slip bobber. The slip bobber allows you to slide it up and down your line, thus it is a favourite amongst fishermen as it allows them to catch fish in deeper waters. These however, are a bit harder to use as opposed to those round and plastic ones that allows you to clip it on the line.

Line Cutter

This is definitely a must have tool for all fishermen. The general rule is to now leave anything to chance whilst you are fishing; and truth be told chances are you may come up on a snag that you cannot free yourself of and as such you’ll just have to cut it. There are quite a few things that can be used as a substitute if you do not have a line cutter, you can use a knife or a nail clipper. However, the knife cutter is a quicker way to cut a line.


You must keep in mind that for most fishermen, it it’ll take all day being out in the sun to return a handsome catch. As a result a sunscreen is a must have tool for fishermen to protect your skin against the sun and its dangerous ultra rays, thus preventing you from getting skin cancer. Keeping this in your tackle box is a great way to remind you that you need to apply it.

First Aid Kit

As I previously mentioned, safety should be a number one priority for fishermen. As a result it is imperative that you have a first aid kit in your tackle box that will come in handy in case of an emergency whilst you are out fishing. It does not have to be some elaborate surgery machine and tools; in fact it can be a small first aid kit. So you can just put the basics such as medical tape (waterproof of course), a flashlight, some band-aid, some small bandages, and some Neosporin. These will definitely help to take care of injuries that are likely to happen whilst you are out fishing.

Needle Nose Pliers

These are important tools for any fisherman. The primary use of the needle nose pliers is actually to take the hooks out the fishes after you have caught them. I also dare say that there are times when these can come in handy as to take the hooks out of you as well, that would naturally occur by accident.


These are important to have especially if you want to do deep fishing. In fact, these are what will make your line sink deeper into the water as most bobbers and hook worms are too light for this; hence these are what you would use to add the weight to your fishing rigs. Chances are you might lose your sinker, so it is also good to have quite a few reserves as well.

Plastic Worms

These are really good tools to have, as these are what you will use to trick the fish into biting on your line. These come in a variety of different colours and are known to be good at helping you to catch plenty fish.


If it is that you want to be a bit more complex, then lures are a great way to attract fishes to your line thus having a successful fishing outing. These also come in different variety such as imitations, minnow, top water lures and spinners and spoons. Each behaves a certain way and the one you use should depend on the type of fish you are trying to attract.

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