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This aspect of fishing almost too often gets overlooked, but the truth is this is definitely one of the most important aspect of fishing; having a tackle box. An organized tackle box can lead to an overall fishing experience that is worth it, thus making those fishing expeditions more memorable. Lest you be reminded as well that taking care of a tackle box extends to even outside of the regular fishing season; as keeping the box from wear and tear will protect your investment; thus leading to longevity as well as value for your hard earned money.

How to choose?

In this day and age the tackle storage boxes actually come in different sizes and shapes as well. As a result any fisherman will be easily confused by the amount of choices and variations that are currently on the market. Whilst it may seem a daunting task, do not be worried however, as if you keep things simple it should be as easy as your fishing when everything is organized.

So back to the variations; as I said there are many different sizes and shapes that are actually available, but there are a few things to take into consideration when buying a tackle storage box. A few of the things that you will have to keep in mind actually include: Your budget and the amount that you are willing to spend on a tackle storage box, and the specific type of fishing methods and type of fishes that you will be looking to catch as well.

#1 - Our recommended choice...

Our rating, Our #1 pick!

This is one of the best tackle boxes that are available on the market and is a great choice if you are a beginner at fishing as well. Packed in this well thought out box is over 132 assorted tackles that are traditional and well known across the fishing industry. In fact this tackle box itself is one of the most popular tackle boxes amongst persons who fish. The durability and sturdiness of this tackle box makes it a good choice and it can be found at the cheapest price on

4.5/5 Stars

#2 - Our 2nd Choice....

This is also a very popular choice amongst fishermen. This tries and proven tackle box is made of top quality materials and definitely represents good value for your money. Among the many features of this box include: being user friendly because of its portability thus being is fairly easy to carry, having clear cover compartments that allow you to even see what is stored in the different areas without having to open and close the different sections, it gives you the option of customizing the compartments from one larger area amongst many other.

Additionally this tackle box is fairly easy to clean and its durability means that buying it for the price being sold on means you definitely get value for money. This is a tackle box that is worth it.

4/5 Stars

#3 - Flambeau Tackle T5 Pro Multi-Loader Tackle Box

Talk about quality and durability. There is no doubting that this is one of the best tackle boxes that are available on the market. In fact this easy to use and revolutionary tackle box is fairly popular among fisher folks. Among the features of this tackle box include: having an open storage that is suited for the now ever popular liquid baits, being easy to open and shut, having six different line dispense ports, having 7 overall compartments, being durable and sturdy, and having a special spinner bait compartment. Whilst this is fairly expensive for a tackle box, there is no doubt that this is worth the price and the investment made in this tackle box, will be one of longevity.

4.5/5 Stars

Best Trout Storage Boxes

Elixir Fishing Fly Fishing Waterproof Fish Lure Hook Bait Tackle Box Case

This is an ultra light storage box that is perfect for a trout! For those of us who cannot be bothered to having to travel heavy whilst on your fishing expedition, then this represents the perfect option for you. Not only is the water proof, but its construction of durable plastic means that with proper care you can have this with you for years to come. Additional features on this box include an easy to fly jig storage that makes the box really user friendly. Additionally its portability does make it a popular choice amongst fishermen. This cheap and quality product offers real value for money and is found on sites like

4.5/5 Stars

Ways to Care Your Tackle and Storage Boxes

The fact is there are numerous tackle and storage boxes that are available on the market. The trick is to know which one best suits your style and go for that. Just a few tips however, remember earlier I mentioned that it was important to take care of your tack and storage boxes even outside of fishing season? Well, it is important to do so as this will save you from buying and having to shop for a new tackle and storage box each fishing season.

Below is a list of some ways in which you can care your investment thus getting the most out of them.

  • You should clean out the box (yes I know a lot of work!) upon returning from your fishing expedition as this will rescue the impact of rust from leaving the wet hooks and lures to dry in the box. Hanging out the content to dry is a good way to preserve them
  • Using baits that are made of materials that are able to decay and soft material is also a good way to protect your investment.
  • Make sure you wipe and clean the tackle boxes so that you maintain sanitary conditions as well as changing out lures and hooks that might have become rusty.

Remember it is your investment and it is in your best interest to protect it at all cost as fishing can be a hobby that cost money. Good luck!

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