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Feeling adventurous whilst on your fishing trip? Do you have an urge to stand in the water whilst fishing as it relaxes you more? Want to do all of the above mentioned but remain dry? Thankfully there are specially designed boots and waders that help to protect and keep you dry in the midst of those wet fishing expeditions. These are often confused with regular water boots, but the real difference is determined by the shaft height. There are actually two main types of waders; there is the stocking foot wader and the boot foot wader.

Stocking Foot Wader

This type of wader is comes with a neoprene socks that is welded onto that that you put your feet in. However, these do not have any boots and as such require a wading boot to be worn over them. Additionally, you can keep these on in the water for a long period of time and they are very comfortable and are available in a wide variety of sizes.

Boot Foot Wader

You would not have to buy any wading boots for these as they come with a boot already welded to the bottom of the wader. These are actually fairly easy to pull and pull off if you are in a hurry however, a disadvantage with these is that they come in limited sizes.

Importance of waders

A real benefit of waders is actually a health benefit. Getting wet can cause you to get sick or even frost bites or just having to endure freezing and cold conditions. Another important piece on information to keep in mind is also the fact that you will need quality boots and waders as not having these can cause you to experience these problems if they are not made from high quality materials.

Things to take into consideration

There are quite a few things that you should take into consideration when setting out to buy a wader and boots for your fishing adventure. These things include: How often you will use them, the locations that you are planning to use them at, how you are planning to use them, your budget, the size, the material that they are made of, whether you want hip, chest or pants waders.

Below is a small list of the best waders and boots that are available on the market that you have as choices to choose from.

#1 - My Recommended choice...

Our rating, Our #1 pick!

This fairly new and rugged wader is actually a great value for your money. The features and material of the wader are word class and it is user friendly with small amenities such as hand warming pockets that are spacious as well as storage pockets that are waterproof. The durability of this wader is very is also a commendable feature of this wader, thus its longevity is justified by the price. For me this wader actually represents the best value for money and can be found cheapest at online shopping sites like

4.5/5 Stars

#2 - Rod and Reel Combo

This option definitely represents one of the best ice fishing rods that are currently available on the market. Whilst the look is short in comparison to the St. Croix’s gold and silver version, this is a worthy adversary in terms of performance and value for money. Overall, this is a very strong, solid and powerful rod that effectively gets the job done. Whilst it is powerful and strong this rod strikes a pretty good balance as it is very sensitive to even the slightest of bites thus allowing you to never miss a catch or a fish slipping away from you hook (yes I know for a fact that these fish can be cunning!). The durability of this rod is also commendable and as such in purchasing this rod you know that you can have it for years to come as its ruggedness is top quality. The stability of this rod is also good meaning you will also be able to catch the fishes that are bigger in size as the frabill rod was made for occasions like that. These rods are also versatile as they do offer a wide variety of weights and lengths thus suiting your preference easily thus making the choice ultimately consumers’. 

4/5 Stars

#3 - Another Rod and reel combo

Our rating, Our #3 pick!

Proven performer, these are also amongst the best ice fishing rods that are available on the market. A popular choice, the proven durability, solidity and effectiveness of this rod makes it a rod that gives value for money. This rod is lightweight in nature and is the epitome of what the modern ice fishing rods have become known to be. This nice and sleek looking design is made up of aluminum, graphite as well as stainless steel. This rod also strikes a perfect balance between being really powerful yet very sensitive enough to feel the slightest of bites thus allowing you to reel in your catch before it escapes your grasps. The rod’s ability to withstand corrosion and withstand the tests of time also makes it a worthy investment. This popular rod can also be found cheapest on

3.5/5 Stars

Our rating, Our #3 pick!

As the name suggests this is also amongst the elite ice fishing rods that are available on the market. The really cool thing about this line of rod is that there are a lot of variations to choose from as they are available in different sizes as well as weight. The affordability and ability to be customized makes this rod a very popular choice as it recognizes that no fisher folk style is the same. The construction is fairly solid and represents power; however, as with the others that are listed here, this rod also strikes a pretty good balance with sensitivity hence it is able to feel the slightest of bites as well. This high performer definitely represents quality and its unique look and price makes it a worthwhile choice.

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